Wax Melt Scents

The Classic Range is part of the By Jessica Alice permanent collection, each fragrance has been hand picked to compliment every room in your house.

Blueberry & Vanilla
A sweet and truly scrumptious scent combining blueberry with hints of strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant on a bed of rich vanilla.

Lemongrass & Ginger
Top notes of ginger root combined with a delectable lemongrass aroma with hints of freshly grated lemon peel and coriander seeds.

Seaweed & Juniper
A refreshing blend of coastal breeze, seashells and driftwood. Top notes of orange peel, lemon and bergamot combined with white tea, mandarin, pear and green tea on a backdrop of warm amber.

Sandalwood & Vanilla
This distinctively warm and woody fragrance combines coconut milk and cinnamon with notes of sandalwood, jasmine, cedar and musk on a base of sweet vanilla.

English Pear & Freesia
A timeless autumnal blend of fresh English pears and wild freesias combined with delicate hints of amber, patchouli and white musk.

Black Plum & Rhubarb
A vibrant and fruity blend of black plum and fresh rhubarb with notes of peach, pear and creamy vanilla.

Rhubarb & Wild Rose
On a base of dry fruits and velvety woods, this mouth-watering fragrance is beautifully blended with deep red rose and hints of pineapple, coupled with fresh rhubarb.

Fresh Linen
A refreshing, clean, comforting scent that combines subtle tones of musk and powder creating a white floral fragrance.

Clean Cotton
An invigorating blend of fresh floral notes with crisp undertones of violet and orange blossom combined with hints of lily and sweet jasmine.

All melts are infused with dried botanicals, complimenting each scent.